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What we would like you to know About Us ...

Five Star Luxury Transportation has been in the Limousine business for many years. We have learned the following in order to provide only the very highest quality service from our years of experience:

Pay attention to our customers needs Can assist you with detailed information on hotels, restaurants, and points of interest.

Maintain constant communications with our dispatcher thereby making current status readily available.

We will call and verify all of our information to make sure we have everything correct and confirm the pick-up.

While many travelers may initially look for a town car or a limo, the SUV offers many positive assets that are difficult to find in other cars. Also called the sport utility vehicle, it offers the carrying space that is seen in a minivan to go with the towing capacity of a motor vehicle. Three rows of seats with additional cargo room are provided for a spacious and roomy travel. The SUV continues to rise in popularity due to the extended calm and comfortable ride it is known to provide. Many manufacturers have said in the past that SUVs tend to drive like trucks, and this has been corrected significantly with the new Crossover SUV which offers less weight and greater fuel efficiency allowing for a smooth and relaxing ride. SUVs are often difficult to find in many car services which is why our Five Stars Luxury Transportation provide them to you in such great abundance. We at Five Stars Luxury Transportation are completely devoted to providing first class, personalized service and we feature the ultimate in comfort, politeness and reliability. If you are taking your family to the airport or to a family event, the SUV offers the space and relaxing ride needed to take, at the most reasonable rental price in town. The Cadillac Escalade shines in transporting small groups of passengers for Airport Transfers, Corporate Events and meetings in style. These SUV have a lot of room for luggage and can be used for transportation to cruise terminals.


There are "tips" advising consumers that "When choosing a limousine service, you need to check out the limousine to be sure of what you are getting!"

You can order with complete confidence, knowing that our limousines are exactly what you expected. Spend your precious time on something else. Our limousines are new, immaculate, and gorgeous!

We are here for you. Call us or E-mail us at anytime!

You will love your experience with Five Star Luxury Transportation and we hope you will recommend us to all your friends and business associates!

Thank you for choosing Five Star Luxury Transportation